Best Negotiation Tactics for Mercury Insurance – Negotiating Tips by Accident Attorneys

At times, you may feel that you can deal with an insurance agency on your own and do not require a lawyer. You know that attorneys cost money and insurance agencies are going to do everything they can to not pay you a settlement. You may believe that your case is so straightforward that there is no way an attorney would be necessary, and any insurance adjuster or even jury would be able to see that you are not liable for any damages in the case of a car accident or other type of incident. Admirable as this thought process is, it is very difficult to win a settlement without an attorney’s assistance; there are many nuances, negotiation tactics, and legal ramifications that exist that make regular individuals largely ill-equipped to handle an insurance claim. A company like Mercury Insurance knows that normal customers are not all willing to seek legal help and waste their time and potentially money, so they continue to conduct bad business practices and avoid paying their due dividends to those who deserve compensation. At the top-rated Normandie Law Firm, our experienced lawyers believe that insurance agencies have a duty to cover their customers, and we do not rest until we have brought you a fair settlement. Still, some people would prefer to negotiate for themselves, and ask us questions on how to best proceed. Examples of such questions include:

  • Can an attorney tell me how to negotiate an accident claim with Mercury Insurance?
  • What are some of the best negotiation tactics against Mercury Insurance?
  • I need to know how to negotiate an injury settlement claim with Mercury. Who can I call?

Mercury Insurance
Mercury Insurance Group was founded in 1961 in Los Angeles, California. Despite being one of the older insurance companies, it is not particularly well known for its customer service or upholding of its policies. In fact, policyholders have long complained about the tendency that Mercury has to not honor its contracts. While this may seem like an easy problem to fix, it is complicated by the fact that insurance companies are not required to pay you unless they are legally ordered to do so. Thus, you can be embroiled in negotiations and battle with Mercury for weeks or months over something as simple as an auto accident claim.

Mercury generally deals with auto insurance claims despite also offering homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, renter’s insurance, business insurance, and more. You may find yourself turning to Mercury if you are dealing with a car accident lawsuit, pursuing a truck accident settlement, or seeking compensation from a motorcycle accident injury case. Some of these claims can be relatively painless to file and receive compensation for, while others are more difficult.

For example, you may find it much easier to go through Mercury when you are involved in a simple car accident that results in damage to your vehicle and yields no injuries. Property damage is easily accountable, as there are mechanic’s quotes and actual replacement or repair fees from other businesses. On the other hand, accidents that involve injuries can feature insurance adjusters that try to downplay the extent of the damages or claim that the amount of compensation is too high in proportion to the injuries. In these instances, you should be prepared for a long fight with Mercury. An accomplished attorney with expertise in Mercury Insurance injury lawsuits can give you more information.

How to Settle an Accident Injury Claim with Mercury Insurance
Choosing to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company without the help of a lawyer may be a good route for those who have previous legal or negotiating experience or for those who have the time, energy, and money to spend on the case. Not everyone wants to pay any lawyer’s fees, and if you feel your negotiation skills are up to scratch, you can keep the settlement you earn. Here are some of the best negotiation tactics to use against Mercury for a car accident. You should make sure that you:

  • Have all of your evidence gathered and labeled. This includes photographs of the accident scene, involved vehicles, injuries you sustained, and more. Video evidence is also valuable if you have it; some people have dashboard cameras or Go Pros installed in their vehicles, and the footage taken from them can help prove liability. If there were any eyewitnesses, you should strive to have their statements recorded in some way, whether in writing or on film. Further, any reports you can secure from official authorities would greatly come in handy – if police officers were at the scene of the accident, they likely filed a police report; you can request a copy and it will have many necessary details that can help your claim. Lastly, if you were injured and needed medical attention, any doctor’s notes or medical reports will show that your claim is substantial. Hospital bills showing the expenses will also prove that you are not falsifying any numbers.
  • Have an offer in mind. An accident that resulted in injuries yields many forms of potential compensation, and you should have a general idea of what you’re pursuing. You should note that insurance adjusters nearly always lowball their initial offers; therefore, you should highball yours and ask for more than what you expect to receive. The agent’s counter offer may be significantly higher if you show that you have all the necessary evidence and it would be in your favor to go to court.
  • Are willing to compromise; if not, be willing to take the case to trial? You should not expect to receive every single penny that you ask for. Getting everything out an insurance company is almost impossible if you are representing yourself. An attorney with experience in negotiating with Mercury is more likely to help you get fair compensation for an auto accident. Trial is tricky – there are many people who do not have the legal background or knowledge to successfully win a case against Mercury in court, or they simply not have the resources or ability to do so. If you have been injured, it would be very difficult to make it to court dates, and you would be adding stress to your life. This can negatively impact recovery time. Selecting a lawyer with experience in fighting Mercury insurance company is a better option than representing yourself in court.

These are some of the best tips for negotiating with a Mercury insurance adjuster, but even still, it can be extremely difficult to get what you deserve without the assistance of an expert attorney who has experience in Mercury Insurance negotiations.

Why Seek Legal Help?
A qualified attorney with experience handling Mercury insurance claims can help bring you the maximum settlement you deserve. You may have been injured in an accident or need more information on a total loss claim, but you cannot leave the house due to broken legs or a back brace. Anything that incapacitates you should yield fair compensation, but if you are too unhealthy to pursue it, a skilled attorney can help.

Some people look at legal fees as the main issue with finding an attorney. They may not understand why having a law degree comes in handy, or they may not realize that attorneys routinely deal with insurance agencies like Mercury all the time. Clients may be involved in one auto accident every few years, but lawyers litigate auto accidents each week. The amount of experience an attorney brings to the table can greatly benefit your claim, as you will be more likely to receive ample restitution. They know how to negotiate with a Mercury adjuster.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not fair and if you try to negotiate with them alone, you won’t be equally matched. They have teams of attorneys who are willing to fight you for every cent and will do everything they can to not pay out. Though this may be an example of Mercury acting in bad faith, you would need to prove it in court. As a result, you will need the skills of an experienced attorney who has strategies to battle Mercury for your compensation. Our team of top attorneys with experience in Mercury Insurance cases will not stop until you receive a settlement you’re happy with.

FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION: If you already have an attorney who is not giving you the attention you need, or whom you feel is purposely seeking lower compensation so the case will settle quicker, call us today for a free second opinion on your case. We will tell you what we think you could earn and whether or not your current lawyer is acting in bad faith. Contact us for a free consultation and ask us any questions you want. Our attorneys with experience in Mercury Insurance cases are available around the clock and will be glad to help you. Further, by selecting us to represent you, you are given a zero fee guarantee on your claim – we promise that you pay no out of pocket expenses whatsoever throughout the case. If we win, our fees come from the settlement itself. If we lose, you don’t owe us any money, and we eat the costs of the case ourselves.

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